New Paranormal Team

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A group of us have founded a new paranormal team. We are Transcend Paranormal. We still operate out of Richmond, VA, but we’ve changed up our structure a bit and it’s been very awesome. Check us out!


Happy Halloween!

Posted in The Hauntary 2010 on October 31, 2010 by Hauntary

Happy Halloween everyone! Best of luck to you and your haunts! Have a safe and Happy Halloween :).


Dead Man’s Ball

Posted in The Hauntary 2010 on October 16, 2010 by Hauntary

Tonight we will be hosting Hauntary:Dead Man’s Ball! Pretty excited and nervous. Hoping it goes off well. I expect a larger crowd than last year. And if you’re wondering, no we aren’t ready yet! Wish us luck! Pictures will be posted of the set-up and the party tomorrow at some point.


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I just found out that Mark Butler at his HalloweenMonsterList has added the Hauntary on his big list for the general Haunt 101 page as well as the Antique Photo method explained here on the site! I’m extremely excited that something I’ve put together made it :). Also Troy from HalloweenHellmouth brought up a good addition to the Haunt 101 page, which I will definitely be adding soon! Thanks! 26 days until Halloween, and 10 days until the 2-day Dead Man’s Ball we’re hosting this year! Best of luck to all, and enjoy!


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Halloween is fast approaching. Now is definitely the time to begin planning your haunt or party – if you haven’t already done so. Don’t forget about food/beverages if planning a party. Pay attention to detail! If you have any haunt or party questions feel free to email me at – or stop by the Halloween Forums. It’s the BEST place to ask questions, get new ideas, etc. Don’t forget – 40 days until the big evening!

Richmond Paranormal Society: Byrd Theater Investigation

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The Richmond Paranormal Society has performed its first investigation under our new leader, Greg Halupa. We had the opportunity to investigate the Byrd Theater, located in the Carytown section of Richmond, Virginia. Greg, myself, and 6 others met up at the Byrd with General Manager Todd Schall-Vess at 11:30PM. After unpacking our gear and getting ready, we split into groups and started investigating. We are still reviewing all the data collected at this point, but most of us had personal experiences – not caught on any film/photo/audio at this point. We wrapped up our investigation around 3:ooAM. I’ll be posting my data online soon for you all to check out if you wish – maybe you’ll see something I missed!

Byrd Theater Investigation Photos – Steve’s Kodak digital 10mx camera

Byrd Theater

Mark Butler’s Monsterlist Updated!

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Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen! Mark Butler has updated his MonsterList! I highly suggest checking this out – no matter how experienced of a Haunter you are, there is something for everyone from Beginner to Highly Experienced. There is currently a total of 808 Halloween Prop/Project How-To’s, and Mark constantly updates the List. Give it a shot!

Mark Butler's Halloween MonsterList