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Posted in Misc. on October 5, 2010 by Hauntary

I just found out that Mark Butler at his HalloweenMonsterList has added the Hauntary on his big list for the general Haunt 101 page as well as the Antique Photo method explained here on the site! I’m extremely excited that something I’ve put together made it :). Also Troy from HalloweenHellmouth brought up a good addition to the Haunt 101 page, which I will definitely be adding soon! Thanks! 26 days until Halloween, and 10 days until the 2-day Dead Man’s Ball we’re hosting this year! Best of luck to all, and enjoy!

Mark Butler’s Monsterlist Updated!

Posted in Misc. on July 15, 2010 by Hauntary

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen! Mark Butler has updated his MonsterList! I highly suggest checking this out – no matter how experienced of a Haunter you are, there is something for everyone from Beginner to Highly Experienced. There is currently a total of 808 Halloween Prop/Project How-To’s, and Mark constantly updates the List. Give it a shot!

Mark Butler's Halloween MonsterList

Paranormal Activity Sound Clip

Posted in Misc. on November 17, 2009 by Hauntary

I’ve noticed a lot of people have been requesting the audio clip of Paranormal Activity where Micah and Katie are screaming in the kitchen – at the end of the movie. I’ve cut this clip from a video found on youtube. So if you want it, just send me an e-mail at with a request for it, and I’ll send it your way!

Happy Halloween!

Posted in Misc. on October 31, 2009 by Hauntary

Happy Halloween! Have a great time and have fun!

One More Day!

Posted in Misc. on October 30, 2009 by Hauntary

With All Hallow’s Eve approaching fast, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Halloween! Dress up, decorate, go Trick-Or-Treating, eat some candy, watch a scary movie – just have fun! Don’t forget to carve your pumpkins! For those of you who plan on staying home and watching scary movies, I would suggest watching “Trick ‘R Treat” or “Paranormal Activity“. Both of these movies came out in 2007, but have finally been released to the public as of late. These movies are, by far, two of the best horror movies out there. I highly suggest watching them! To all of you Haunters, I wish you luck on your last day to decorate. Today is the big hustle and bustle day to get everything complete. May the rain stay away for today and Saturday! For last-minute ideas with costumes, decorations, creepy candy – anything – check out HalloweenForum. The members, including myself, are more than willing to answer any and all of your questions quickly. Happy Haunting, and Happy Halloween!

Haunters of Virginia Society

Posted in Misc. on October 27, 2009 by Hauntary

Hey all,

We recently organized the Haunters of Virginia Society on the forums. This society is basically for anyone who lives in Virginia and loves Halloween. Everyone is welcome to join. By joining, it will be easier to locate fellow Virginian Haunters and Haunts – and possibly allow you to meet some of the VA Haunters! Click on the picture or link below to head over there now! Also, if you aren’t part of the forums, please do join up! You’ll be able to receive tons of help in regards to anything related to Halloween!

Haunters of Virginia Society

Hey There!

Posted in Misc. on October 22, 2009 by Hauntary

Finally getting around to setting up a site dedicated to the Haunts we’ve/I’ve done over the years :). Stay tuned for pictures! If you have any questions on how I did this or that, created something, etc, feel free to e-mail me at!