Halloween 2009

2009 for The Hauntary hasn’t begun to finish! With 1 more Haunt planned (very last minute, in fact), I am moving into full-gear to get everything prepared, set-up, and finished! We hosted our first Halloween Party this year, which was a blast. Fortunately, everything (except the weather, of course) went off as planned. Isn’t that crazy? A video I created was used to kick off a game during our party. We placed 15 Classic/Modern Horror Movie props around the house, and party-goers had the chance to record down on a piece of paper which prop went with which movie. The winner won a Sweeney Todd DVD! Click here to view the game video. Pictures of The Hauntary 2009 Party can be viewed by clicked the image below. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think! As always, feel free to drop me a line with any questions/comments at Hauntary@gmail.com!

The Hauntary


Thousand Souls Cemetery

The Thousand Souls Cemetery was our haunt for this year. We held it at the Thousand Trails Campground – hence the name. It was great! All of the TOTers seemed to enjoy it, and some couldn’t bring themselves to walking through to get candy! The weather couldn’t have been better, and the fog and lighting was phenomenal. Thanks to everyone who helped plan, set-up, decorate, and put it all away! It was truly a blast to be able to have a haunt once again this year. Click the image below for pictures! You can also view a video of the cemetery below!

Holly Wood

I volunteered decor and props to my neighbors’ haunt this year, called “Holly Wood”. It was a trek through the woods in their back-yard, lighted only by small paper bags and flash lights. I must say, awesome job! I enjoyed volunteering for once – instead of hosting – and it was really a nice Haunt. A pumpkin-carving contest and food was served after the Haunted Woods trek, which made it even better! So, great job! I hope to see Holly Wood up next year!

Happy Halloween!


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