Richmond Paranormal Society

The Richmond Paranormal Society, formerly known as VESPER, is a Richmond, VA based Paranormal investigation team. RPS attempts to collect evidence of genuine hauntings, as well as a place to come together to share stories, build investigation teams, share folklore, and more.

Richmond Pump House

The Pump House, located in Richmond, Virginia, was recently opened on March 6, 2010 from 10:30AM to 12:00 (noon) EST. Robert Bess & the Foundation for Paranormal Research investigated the building. The investigation was open to the public, allowing the RPS to enter the building as well. FPR was using a device they built and called the “Parabot”, which is suppose to “Capture and contain” entities. The following is video and image documentation of their investigation. WordPress will not allow the video to be embedded, so click the link below to watch it.

View The Video Here

View The Pictures Here

2 Responses to “Richmond Paranormal Society”

  1. Jass Fogle Says:

    Like the site! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Jason Koonce Says:

    Hello, My name is Jason and I am interested in finding out any information about joining your group or being apart of your investigations here in Richmond Va. Thank you so much for your time in your site and any and all information shared. Thank you again!!! 🙂

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